11 sep



Dear master students,
On Monday 11 September the Masterevent will take place from 19.30 to 21.00. You are welcome from 19.15. The speakers for the event are Accare and Professor Hilde Amsing. Accare is a healthcare institution that offers care in many different ways, always striving for development by using the latest scientific knowledge in daily practice. Hilde Amsing is Professor in the History of Dutch Education. She will give a lecture about education and unequal opportunities. At the end there will be the opportunity to get to know your fellow (international) masterstudents!
Are you a master’s student and would you like to learn more about Accare and unequal opportunities in education and meet fellow students? Sign up quickly via the member part of our website, or by sending an e-mail to bestuur@odiom.nl
[ID] on the post you can see that the ODIOM Masterevent will take place at 11-09-2023 from 19.15 tot 21.00 in M.0161. The event will be free for ODIOM-members and will cost €2,- for non-members. In the middle you can see three people with a text cloud.