Structure Inclusion

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The Structure Inclusion was established in the 2021-2022 associationyear. It is a new structure, which is concerned with inclusion within the association. This structure thinks along with the board and the committees about the needs of the members and what activities can be organized around inclusion. The Structure Inclusion meets with the Board at least three times a year to evaluate and look ahead to activities. The structure provides advice to the board and the committees.

Hi ODIOM’ers!

We are a group of people who try to make ODIOM more inclusive for everyone. We go by the Dutch term/name ‘Structuur Inclusie’.

We believe it’s important that ODIOM is a save space for everyone. Everyone should be able to speak their mind, join activities and make new friends! The themes we mainly focus on are mobility, nationality and LGBTQ+. If there’s anything you would like to see changed, focused on these themes, we would love to hear your thoughts and opinions! Especially if it’s something that bothers you, please come to us. We are here to help. If you have any questions about inclusion please contact us.

To give you an idea who the ‘Structuur Inclusie’ consists of, we will introduce ourselves.This year’s confidential counsellor is Sten van den Berg. If there’s anything considering inclusivity you would like to talk about confidentially, you can contact Sten to do so.


Hi! My name is Lidewij (she/her) and I am following my Master’s program in Educational Innovation. This is my second time being active at Odiom, after I’ve been part of the Excursion Committee a few years ago. I don’t really have an icon, but anyone who is committed to equal rights is iconic anyway! And maybe my co-members will introduce me to some really cool icons this year 🙂

Hey! My name is Sten (he/him) and I am in the second year of the AOLB! This year I am the confidential counsellor of the Structuur Inclusie, so if you want to talk about inclusion or anything else, you can always do so with me! Furthermore, in addition to the Structuur Inclusie, I am also part of the Activities Committee as head of acquisition! A real icon for me is Lil Nas X, from his music to his amazing outfits! 🙂

I’m Anna (she/her) and I’m a first-year student in Pedagogical Sciences. In the Structuur Inclusie I am mainly committed to LGBTQ+ issues, and I bring my own experiences as an autistic person. My icon is Alan Turing, a gay man who, among other things, managed to break the Enigma of the Germans in WW2 and thus contributed enormously to ending the war.

My name is Jonne (she/her) and I am now in my third year of the AOLB. In addition to being part of the Structuur Inclusie, I am also chair of the Book Committee. One of my icons is Dr. Aletta Jacobs who has meant a lot to women’s rights (especially when it comes to studying!).

Hii! I’m Iriz (she/her), an AOLB student enjoying my student time just a little more by spreading my courses 🙂 In addition to this fun group with the Structuur Inclu, I’m a member of the Event Committee! If I were to choose an icon, I would agree with Jonne! However, there are a lot of other power icons in this world that I support :).

Current members:

Iriz Oldengarm

Isabelle Schoonen

Lidewij Zilverberg

Anna ter Meer

Jonne Scholten

Sten van den Berg