Studying abroad

Do you want or are you going to study abroad? Below we give a few useful tips. This is possible for students of Pedagogical Sciences and students of Academic Study Teacher Primary Education.

Going on an exchange abroad can be a unique experience in many ways! You experience what it is like to study at another university and you are introduced to a new culture. In addition, you will meet many new people and you can learn another language: all valuable experiences that you will probably never forget.

The Faculty of Applied Sciences has approximately 100 partner universities within and outside Europe. Students have the opportunity to study at one of those universities for one semester during the third year in the Bachelor. A semester abroad is funded by either the Erasmus+ grant (for exchanges within Europe) or the Marco Polo grant (exchange outside Europe).

If you are interested in going abroad, you will have to start preparations on time. Take into account matters such as admission requirements, language requirements, the range of courses on offer, semester dates abroad, financial matters, application criteria and deadlines.

The partner universities that are accessible to GMW students belong to different ‘channels’. Please note: there is a different registration procedure for each ‘channel’. The biggest difference is that the Faculty of Applied Sciences has contracts with universities within and outside Europe and that there are other avenues: the so-called ‘university-wide’ exchange agreements of the University of Groningen (Centre for Canadian Studies, Multi Faculty Exchange, International Credit Mobility).

More information on how to prepare for a semester abroad and the application process can be found in the Step-by-Step guide, accessible via the Study Abroad Pages on Brightspace.

Also, a number of students who are abroad this year have kept a blog for you. You can find it here.


For any questions you can contact the Mobility Office of Behavioural and Social Sciences:
Phone: +31 (0)50 363 6559
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