Study Problems

Confidential advisers ODIOM

Two confidential advisers have been appointed within Study Association ODIOM. The confidential advisers of this year are Emma Kip ( | 0613111030) and Joey Friedrich ( | 0621444477). If you want to share something, you can always contact them by making an appointment or by approaching them.


Student Service Center

The Student Service Center offers various ways of assistance during your student days. You can go here to follow various workshops and they also have student psychologists that you can turn to. For more info tap here.


Student advisors (study guidance and advice)

You can contact the study advisors as a prospective student (ortho)pedagogy or educational sciences, as a student (ortho)pedagogy or educational sciences, or as a former student (ortho)pedagogy or educational sciences. You can ask the study advisors all your questions about the study of (ortho)pedagogy and educational sciences, for example about:


  • The content of the study
  • The planning of your studies
  • Choices in your study
  • Enrollment questions
  • Arrangements in the study
  • Questions about taking courses outside (ortho)pedagogy
  • Questions related to studying abroad
  • Questions related to career prospects
  • The application of your diploma


The study advisors at Pedagogical and Educational Sciences are: Tekke Terpstra, Marlies Roijakkers and Irene Niessen.


Walk-in hours: Do you have a short question? Then you can go during the walk-in hours from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM. Make an appointment? You can make an appointment by calling the Education Office (050 – 363 6301). Click here for more info.