YR Youth (0-21), Society and Policy

E-mail: yrysp@odiom.nl


Clarise: My name is Clarise Sky-Johnson and I am a Year Representative for the Youth 0-21, Society, and Policy master’s program. I am also a student in the honor’s master “Leadership: Making the Difference.” I am quite interested in various forms of education and leadership, and seek different perspectives on the world. Naturally, I love nature and animals, and live and spend most of my time outside of the city. In my spare time, I enjoy playing video games and board games with friends.
Maaike: Hi everyone! My name is Maaike van Bockhooven and, together with Clarise, I am a Year Representative for the master Youth 0-21, Society and Policy. Before this, I took a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and a pre-master’s in Orthopedagogy, so I have been around at our faculty for a while now. I hope that by being part of the YR I can contribute to (improving) the quality of education. In my free time, I prefer to be outdoors and go to festivals or concerts.