What is ODIOM?

ODIOM is the study association of the Pedagogical & Educational Sciences course, the Academic Teacher Training in Primary Education and the bridging course of Pedagogy (SPO) at the University of Groningen. ODIOM has more than 800 members spread over the different years of these courses. ODIOM was founded in 2003 and originates from STUVO after the introduction of the broad bachelor “Pedagogical Sciences & Educational Sciences” at the University of Groningen. This broad bachelor’s degree includes: Orthopedagogics (Youth Care, Learning Disabilities and Supporting Persons with Disabilities) and Pedagogy & Educational Sciences (Educational Sciences, General Family Pedagogy and Adult Education).

What does ODIOM mean?

ODIOM is named after OPERA DIDACTICA OMNIA (1657), the collected works of the theologian, philosopher and educator Comenius. For more information about Comenius you can visit the website of the Comenius museum.


“Where your study ends, ODIOM continues!”


ODIOM is a vibrant association that focuses on forming the link between being a student, developing yourself, training and the professional field from a committed, open and professional basis. Study association ODIOM enables its members to develop in a personal and study-related area. The diversity makes it possible for members to build a network with fellow students, the study program and institutions from the professional field. In addition, ODIOM is an association where members come together to build social contacts and to participate in relaxing activities. ODIOM is an association from which everyone can and may reap the benefits.


Study association ODIOM is a young and growing association that aims to stimulate contacts between the students of Pedagogical and Educational Sciences, Academic Pabo and students of the bridging program and to promote the interests of its members. ODIOM is a friendly association where members make social contacts through many committees and activities. ODIOM represents the interests of its members by facilitating, encouraging and supporting students from the start of their studies by organizing activities related to study and social fields.

The association tries to radiate a professional character. A high level of professionalism is strived for, whereby low threshold and accessibility play an important role.

ODIOM is concerned with the present as well as the future. The association can build on a solid foundation that has been laid in the past for a thriving association. The association’s policy is designed in such a way that ODIOM can continue to develop in response to current and future developments. In this way, ODIOM will continue to maintain its strong position as a link between student, study program and the professional field for the future.

What does ODIOM offer?

ODIOM offers various activities in the study-related as well as in the social field. Study-related activities include lectures, field days, excursions, symposia and trips abroad. In addition, social activities and drinks are organised, which have a relaxing and informal character. Furthermore, an ODIOM Magazine is published three times a year and an Almanac is published once a year. We also offer a book discount for members. Finally, every ODIOM member receives a digital ODIOM discount sticker with which you can get a discount at various companies. All the above activities are made possible in part by the various committees of ODIOM.


The boardroom is located in room 0003 of the Nieuwenhuis building at Grote Rozenstraat 38. When you enter the Nieuwenhuis building, go left before the stairs, through the swinging doors and then it’s the room before the stairs on the left.

Walk-in hours

You can visit our room during the walk-in hours. Here you can go with all your questions about committees, membership and other matters, or just to have a nice cup of coffee or tea! The walk-in hours are every working day from 12:00 to 14:00. On Wednesdays we are open from 12:00 to 16:00.

Please note! Different opening hours apply during holidays and exam periods.

Become a member

Anyone who studies Pedagogical and Educational Sciences, the Academic Teacher Training in Primary Education or follows the bridging program at the University of Groningen can become a member of ODIOM. More information about membership and contribution can be found here.

Become active

Not only can you benefit from the activities that ODIOM organizes, you can also participate actively within the association. You can do this by taking a seat on a committee, year representation or by doing a board year. You gain experience with meeting, managing and organizing activities.

Each active members year starts in October. New active members are recruited from September, but occasionally new active members are also sought during the academic year. If you are interested in taking a seat on one of the committees, year representations or structures, you can contact the board by sending an e-mail to the Commissioner of Internal Affairs at intern@odiom.nl.

Inform about a change of address

Are you going to move? Do you want to change your address? Do you want to change your email address or do you have a new phone number? Send your new data to bestuur@odiom.nl.

Canceling/registering as an alumnus

Have you graduated? Are you going to do another study or are you going to stop studying completely? You can unsubscribe, cancel your membership and/or register as an alumnus by sending an e-mail to bestuur@odiom.nl. As an alumnus, we want to continue to involve you in ODIOM. For example, various activities are organized especially for alumni, but you can of course still participate with a discount in the regular activities of ODIOM.

Contact details

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