The board has revived the merchandise in association year 2020-2021. For the last few years, the merchandise has been sold in the so-called ‘Merchandise Madness Weeks’. The Merchandise is for sale via the link on the social media during these weeks. So keep an eye out during these weeks! There are some examples of previous merchandise on this page.

There have been a few Merchandise Madness Weeks so far:

5 t/m 19 april 2023

ODIOM Sunglasses

[ID] The picture shows the red ODIOM sunglasses. The temple of the sunglasses features the ODIOM logo.

17 t/m 28 november 2022

ODIOM umbrella

[ID] The image shows the promo of the umbrella. There is a picture of a boy holding the ODIOM umbrella. The umbrella has an alternate red and white surface and the ODIOM logo is on two opposite sides.

10 t/m 17 mei 2022

ODIOM longsleeve

[ID] Two images are shown. The left image shows two intertwining triangles. In the triangles is a cup with a tea bag hanging out. The cup is on a saucer. There are leaves under the saucer. Below is the text: ODIOM. Below that it says ‘EST. 2003’. The right image shows the logo described above on a black longsleeve. The longsleeve is worn by someone. The photo was taken from behind.

8 t/m 15 november 2021

ODIOM Christmas baubles

[ID] Two images are shown. The left image shows a red Christmas bauble with the ODIOM logo in the middle. The right image shows a red tom sitting in a red sleigh. In the sleigh is a green bag and a few small gifts. The sleigh is pulled by a gray reindeer. The image on the right is also placed on a Christmas bauble.

12 t/m 15 april 2021

ODIOM Beersnorkel (iron reed pipe):

[ID]: The picture shows the ODIOM beer snorkel. It is a red pipe with a gray spout at the bottom. At the top there is a gray pendant. The pipe bears the ODIOM logo.

ODIOM-summer package (ODISUPA)

[ID] The picture shows the ODISUPA. On the left is a red towel with the ODIOM logo on it. On the right side, red bath slippers can be seen. The strap of the bath slippers shows ODIOM.

Octobre 19 to Novembre 1 2020:

Face mask:

[ID] The image shows the ODIOM face mask. It is a white cap with a red tom on it.


[ID] The picture shows the socks. On the left is a red sock with a white tom at the top, lengthwise. On the right side you can see three white socks with a red tom at the top, lengthwise.