Advisory board

Hello all,

We are the Advisory Board of ODIOM and it consists of former board members of different board years. Our task is to provide the board with solicited and unsolicited advice on matters that play a role at ODIOM. (Active) members can also contact us when, in relation to the board, problems arise that cannot (seem to be) solved by the (active) members themselves.

The Advisory Board consists of Sam Griep (Commissioner of Internal Affairs 2017-2018), Frank Breur (Commissioner Internal Contacts 2019-2020), Jesper Demmer (Commissioner of Internal Affairs 2020-2021), Ruben Sibelt (Commissioner of External Affairs 2020-2021), Sigrid de Boer (Chair 2021-2022), Hannah Kloppenburg (Secretary, 2021-2022), Anna van Spronsen (Commissioner of Internal Affairs 2021-2022), Tim Terpstra (Chair 2022-2023), Rosa van Kempen (Commissioner of Internal Affairs 2022-2023), Nadie Harmsen (Commissioner of External Affairs 2022-2023), Liselot van Rij (Secretary 2023-2024), Hanna Dijkstra (Treasurer 2023-2024) and Zoë Ras (Commissioner of Education 2023-2024).

As you can see, it is a nice mix of the last six years. Not only in terms of years, but also in the positions held. Through this mix, we hope to be able to share a lot of experience and knowledge of the association with the current board and in this way, help ODIOM further in its development.

The Advisory Board