ODIOM-donor, or as we say ‘Oditeur’.

In addition to the possibility for former students to become an alumni member, we would like to

bind other interested parties to Study Association ODIOM. So do you have a warm heart for ODIOM

and would you like to contribute to the association? Then we offer you the opportunity to become

an ODIOM donor, or ‘Oditeur’. As an Oditeur, you receive the collection of the The ODIOM Times

twice a year and you are entitled to receive an almanac. In addition, if requested, you will receive the

ODIOM newsletter by e-mail to stay informed about the activities on offer. The minimum amount is

€7,50 per year. Your registration as Oditeur is for an indefinite period. Termination can be done in

writing at all times. Do you want to become an Oditeur or do you have any questions about it? Send

an email to bestuur@odiom.nl!