Dear reader,

Since June 9, 2021, we have the honour of being the 21th board of ODIOM. We are really looking forward to fully committing ourselves to the study association and are looking forward to making it a fantastic and educational year together with the members! ODIOM is a sparkling and accessible study association. The seventeen different committees of ODIOM organize drinks, sporty and original activities and interesting lectures that prepare you well for the professional field. The year representatives keep a close eye on the quality of education. ODIOM still has value for graduates, because there is also plenty to do for alumni. This year we will do our best to further develop the association together with the members.

Do you want to know more about ODIOM? Feel free to contact us, we are open to answer your questions. We can also always be reached by e-mail. We hope to see you soon at one of the many activities or at the faculty!

Lots of love,

The ODIOM Board 2022-2023,

Tim Terpstra – 06-19481089 –

Julia Akkerman – 06-16003642 –

Tychro Weys – 06-18673050 –

Commissioner of Internal Affairs:
Rosa van Kempen – 06-37737320 –

Commissioner of External Affairs:
Nadie Harmsen 06-10725382 –

Commissioner of Education:
Fabienne Nieuwkamp – 06-43576120

Tim Terpstra

I am Tim Terpstra, currently a second year student of Pedagogical Sciences. In the past few years I have joined two committees, the Gentlemen’s Committee and the BexCie. In my spare time I like to go for a run and I play tennis if I have got the time. Furthermore I like to hang out with my friends and go out for the night. I hope to see you soon at one of our activities!

Julia Akkerman

My name is Julia Akkerman and I am the Secretary of ODIOM. I am studying Educational Sciences and this year I started my master’s degree in Orthopedagogy. In recent years I have been a member of the Events Committee and the Benefit Committee. I also like to have a drink on the terrace or play sports. I am really looking forward to next year and I would like to have a chat with you at one of the activities! See you soon!

Tychro Weys

My name is Tychro Weys and I am the treasurer of the best study association: ODIOM! I study pedagogical sciences and i’m currently in my second year. I’ve been active within ODIOM for a while now and I’ve been a member of the following committees: De Gentlemen’s Committee, the Benefit Committee and the Foreign Excursion Committee. In my spare time I like to go out for a drink with friends in the city. I’m really looking forward to the coming year and hope to see you all at the numerous activities, borrels and of course in het hok!

Rosa van Kempen

My name is Rosa van Kempen and I am ODIOM’s Internal Contacts Commissioner. I am a third year student at the Academic Teacher Training in Primary Education. I have been active at ODIOM for two years, namely in the Activities Committee, the Foreign Excursion Committee and the Structure Inclusion. I also work at the University of Groningen as a school information officer. In my spare time I like to meet up with friends for a nice meal or a drink. I’m really looking forward to seeing you at all drinks, activities and of course in het hok! See you soon!

Nadie Harmsen

My name is Nadie Harmsen and I recently became ODIOM’s External Contacts Commissioner. I am studying Educational Sciences and I am now in my third year. In recent years I have been able to commit myself to two very nice committees. In my first year it was the Party Committee and last year the Events Committee. In my spare time I can often be found in the city, to go shopping or going out. I also work at Team050. I’m really looking forward to next year with all of you and hope to see you often!

Fabienne Nieuwkamp

My name is Fabienne Nieuwkamp and I am the Commissioner of Education of ODIOM. I am currently studying the Academic Teacher Training Program of Primary Education. After my bachelor’s degree I will probably follow the master Educational Sciences, but first I can commit myself to ODIOM for a year as the Commissioner of Education. I didn’t just end up here. I’ve been around ODIOM for a while now. In previous years I was a member of the Dies Committee and the Activities Committee. This was so fun that I decided to extend it for another year, but now as a board member of this nice association! During the weekends I work at a homework guidance institute in Raalte. In my spare time I like sport at the ACLO, such as zumba, jumping fitness or swimming. In addition, I like to spend time with my friends and family. Cooking together, going out for dinner or having a drink on the terrace: I’ll be there! I would like to see you as (active) members back at ‘het hok’, the activities and the drinks!