Committee of Recommendation

The Committee of Recommendation consists of teachers and employees who support the objectives

of ODIOM, the organization and the activities and who want to link their name to ODIOM. The

members of the Committee of Recommendation are affiliated with our study association so that

students, pedagogical and educational institutions and other contacts can see that the activities of

ODIOM are recommended by teachers and employees of the faculty of Behavioral and Social

Sciences of the University of Groningen. The following persons currently serve on the Committee of



Dr. L. (Laura) Batstra

Professor (Adjunct) of Orthopedagogy


prof. Dr. H.W.E (Hans) Grietens

Professor of Orthopedagogy, youth care


(Hans) Knot

Knight in the order of Oranje Nassau

Media Historian

Coordinator Alumni Orthopedagogy


Dr. D.D.N.M. (Danny) Kostons

Lecturer/researcher at GION


prof. Dr. A.E.M.G. (Alexander) Minnaert

Professor of Orthopedagogy and Clinical Educational Science

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Molendrift

Lecturer Post-Graduate School Psychology, RINO Amsterdam & Radboud University in Nijmegen

Member of the NJi Recognition Committee for Youth Interventions


Jolien Mouw

Assistant Professor of Educational Sciences at GION

Coordinator internship master Educational Sciences

Developer Virtual Reality kindergarten

Comenius Teaching Fellow (ComeniusNetwork for recognized educational innovators in higher



Dr. P.A. (Piet) van der Ploeg

drs. Theology

Author of, among others, 'The Dalton plan in the Netherlands'

Lecturer and researcher at the RuG


prof. Dr. A.J.J.M. (Wied) Ruijssenaars

Officer in the Order of Oranje Nassau

Emeritus Professor of Orthopedagogy


Dr. P.R. (Pauline) Schreuder

Associate Professor

Coordinator master Youth 0-21, Society & Policy


prof. dr. Kees Aarts

Professor of Political Institutions and Behavior

Dean of the Faculty of Behavioral and Social Sciences

Member Curatorium Wiardi Beckman Foundation


drs. Guido Holvast

University teacher Mathematics & Didactics at NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences &

Academic Teacher Training Program of Primary Education


prof. dr. K. (Klaas) van Veen

Board member association of Christian Education Groningen (VCOG)

Professor of Education

Director of Teacher Training RUG


prof. dr. H.T.A. (Hilda) Amsing

Professor of Dutch educational history

Vice-dean of the Faculty of Behavioral and Social Sciences

Director SPO


prof. dr. H. Korpershoek

Adjunct Professor of Educational Sciences, in particular educational innovation and educational


Chairman of the Educational Sciences unit (Director of GION Education/Research)