Alumni page

What are Alumni?

Alumni are graduate students who have been members of ODIOM during their studies and are still

members of ODIOM after their studies. They may have graduated recently or for a longer period of

time and/or may have been minor or international students. The word 'alumni' refers to several former students together. An ‘alumnus’ or ‘alumna’ is one former student.


What does a membership entail?

As an alumni member you can attend all activities at ODIOM (including special alumni activities,

organized by the Structure Alumni). You also have access to the digital platform The ODIOM Times

and you can receive the regular newsletter, the special alumni newsletter and the almanac. This is all

completely without obligation; you do not have to receive everything. You can also appear on the

alumni map. This is a map showing the workplaces of many ODIOM alumni. It gives the students

insight into where you can work after your studies and as an alumnus you can see where everyone

went to work after their studies. A membership costs only €7.50 per year!


Why become an alumnus at ODIOM?

Being an alumnus at ODIOM has the advantages that you can build up a large network, that you can

maintain contacts with former fellow students and that you can receive vacancies from companies.

You can also receive information about activities that may be interesting to you as an alumnus.


How do you become an alumnus?

All students who are registered as a member of ODIOM during or after the association year 2015-

2016, are automatically registered as an alumnus after graduation. The moment you are registered

as a member of ODIOM, you have agreed to this. All students who are registered as a member of

ODIOM for the association year 2015-2016 are not automatically registered as an alumnus after

graduation, but of course you can become an alumnus at ODIOM. You can register by sending an

email to or by completing this form.