Book sale

The ODIOM book sale is open!

At the moment you can order books via ODIOM. You can now order books for the second semester!

You can order your books by:

  1. Go to:
  2. Under ‘Select your university’, enter University of Groningen
  3. Enter ODIOM at ‘Select your study association’
  4. Enter your education at ‘Select your education’ 🙂
  5. Enter the relevant book list at ‘Select your book list’
  6. Then you can click on which books you want to order.

Study and career

Do you want to order your books? Think about the following:

  • You are getting a discount as an ODIOM member on the books you buy via our webshop.
  • ODIOM organizes two book sales each year: The first one before the start of the academic year and the second one before the start of the second semester.
  • The books in the store are meant for the second semester of academic year 2022-2023 (blok 2a en 2b)
  • Some books in the webshop can be ordered both new or as second-hand books. If an book is available as an second-hand book, it will be indicated on the page of the specific book.
  • Check whether you already own some of the books in the list or not (Sometimes this is already indicated, but you remain responsible).


You can return your order free of charge within 14 days after delivery. You can also cancel your order for free.


Note!  You are responsible for the books you order. Check always which books you select and if you really need them for your classes!

Frequently asked questions

I didn’t receive a confirmation mail. Is everything allright? 

Yes, it likely is. Send an E-mail to us with your last name and the date you ordered your books. We will check if the order came through.


How do I know what books I need?

You can look them up in the study guides. Click on your year and your specialization. It is indicated what books you need for each subject. You can always mail if you have any further questions.


The books in the study guide do not match the ODIOM book lists. What do I do now?

This can happen. Teachers sometimes change the literature during the year, because some books are no longer printed, are sold out or because of different reasons. You can always mail if there are any uncertainties.


Why is the ISBN number given by ODIOM not the same as the ISBN number given by the RUG?

The RUG provides us with a list of books, including the 10-digit ISBN. Unfortunately we can’t work with that, therefore we convert the 10-digit ISBN into a 13-digit ISBN. These are different, but correspond with the same book.


I can’t pick up my books at the given time. What do I do know?

You have to pick up the books during the book sale. Send an email if you can’t pick them up.


Do you have any further questions? Please contact us (book committee) via We will happily answer your questions.