Do you experience a problem as a student or do you not know where to go? Then since September

2021 you can call or email the independent ombudsperson Carolijn Winnubst.

This new function is an addition to the existing social security support structure. Other actors in the

support structure include study advisers, study deans, PhD counselors, student psychologists and

complaints committees such as the Sexual Harassment, Aggression, Violence and Discrimination

Complaints Committee (SIAGD).


The ombudsperson is easy accessible, initially offers a listening ear where confidentiality is

guaranteed. In addition, the ombudsperson can mediate, offer advice and guidance and, if

necessary/desired, refer and conduct an investigation (or have it carried out).

The aim of this new function is to identify and investigate undesirable (behavioral) patterns that have

a negative impact on a healthy and safe learning and working climate at the university. In order to

increase the university’s  learning capacity, the ombudsperson can also provide solicited and

unsolicited advice.



Caroline Winnubst


Available: Mon to Thu

06 – 254 314 37