ODIOM submits the sustainability checklist to the Green Office every year. Here an association can describe what is being done in the context of sustainability. In 2019 and 2020, ODIOM was awarded a silver sustainability label and in 2021, ODIOM achieved the gold sustainability label. This allows us to distinguish ourselves as a sustainable study association!

ODIOM already does a lot to be as sustainable as possible. Sustainability is very important to us and we are therefore actively committed to it. For example, many members have painted mugs that members use during the tea party. In this way, the use of paper or plastic cups has been greatly reduced. At ODIOM, we separate the waste in the new separation bins in the corridors of the faculty. Almost all ODIOM activities can be reached by bicycle, a sustainable mode of transport! In addition, we only offer vegetarian options on almost all activities that involve eating. Otherwise, there is always a vegetarian option. Finally, the sustainable idea is spread among the members by sharing messages on social media, for example through did you know that.

A print- and storage policy has been drawn up in the 2020-2021 association year. The printing policy describes the use of paper within the association, including ways to reduce it. This year this was done by using agendas and contracts online and by not printing scenarios for activities. To optimize this, six tablets have been purchased that the board and committees can use in the loft and during activities. The retention policy describes matters relating to the supply of the association. An inventory has been made of the stuff in the loft, so that unnecessary stuff is no longer purchased. The retention policy also defines when something can be thrown away and what should be kept. This mainly concerns documents and items from years ago. These documents can be found on the website for members, under the heading ‘Association documents’.

In short, ODIOM is fully engaged in sustainability and continuously tries to improve!