Confidential advisers

ODIOM considers the well-being of students very important. That is why ODIOM has two confidential advisers within the board. These are Sten and Zoë. If you have a problem with something, want to talk about something, want to say something or just need a listening ear, Sten and Zoë are always there for you. You can get in touch with Sten and Zoë by sending them an email or a message or by simply speaking to them. This is completely confidential and this information will not be shared with anyone. Below, Sten and Zoë introduce themselves and you can find their contact details.

Sten van den Berg // 06-23157091

Dear All,
My name is Sten and this year I am ODIOM’s Commissioner of Internal Affairs. I’m studying the Academic Teaching Programm and together with Zoë I will be the confidential advisor this year. If something bothers you, you don’t feel well for a while or if you just want to talk, you can always talk to me or we can go for a walk.

[ID] The picture shows Sten.

Zoë Ras // 06-41408569

Dear All,
I am Zoë, this year’s Commissioner of Education of ODIOM. I study Pedagogical Sciences. In addition, just like Sten, I will be a confidant advisor this year. Is there something wrong, do you feel sad or do you just want talk about something? Then don’t hesitate to reach out to me or talk to me for a chat or go for a walk!

[ID] The picture shows Zoë.

In addition to the confidential advisers from the board, there is also a confidential adviser from the Structure Inclusion that you can turn to. This confidential adviser can be approached by sending an email to You can also always approach this person when you have a problem and is completely confidential.