Becoming an active member

Are you enthusiastic and do you want to do something besides your studies to work on your resume
and meet new people? Do you feel like committing yourself for a year to the best association in
Groningen: ODIOM? Then we are looking for you!

ODIOM has 17 different committees! The committees organize all kinds of fun things: getting to
know people at the introduction camp, running in the Batavierenrace, recording everything that
happens at ODIOM in The ODIOM Times, getting to know the workfield during an in-house day and
excursions, and enough fun during the themed drinks and activities! There is something great for
everyone! In addition, ODIOM has different structures and there is an annual representation for each
study year.

Being an active member is not only great fun, it is also extremely important to build up your resume
alongside your studies in this current time. A committee, annual representation and/or structure
looks very good on your resume! As an active member you can join the Active Members Weekend,
you get to know many other members, you receive a shirt from the association and you can
participate in the various active member activities.

Active membership doesn’t take that much time; it is easy to combine with study, sport and free

You will find an overview of all ODIOM’s committees below. More questions? Feel free to ask them
or send an email to!

Which committees does ODIOM have?

Activities Committee (AcCie) ± 8 people – As a member of the Activities Committee you organize fun
activities several times a year. For example, last year we had a dropping, a cinema evening, a sports
tournament and a Running Dinner. Do you like organizing activities? Then AcCie is definitely
something for you!

Almanac Committee (AlmanakCie) ± 6 people – The Almanac Committee is responsible for publishing
the ODIOM Almanac. The Almanac is the association’s yearbook. Here you will find photos and
birthdays of all members, you can get to know other study associations and there is room for further
creative interpretation. Each Almanac has a theme associated with it. Do you like writing and
designing? Register now for the AlmanakCie!

Charity Committee (BenefietCie) ± 8 people – The Charity Committee is committed to a good cause
for a year, chosen in consultation with the board. They collect as much money as possible through
fun activities. They also organize an ODIOM-does activity. Would you like to commit yourself to a
good cause for a year? Then choose this committee!

Books Committee (BoekenCie) ± 3 people – As a member of the Books Committee, you organize two
book sales for ODIOM members together with the treasurer of the board. You can use the study
guide to create a book list for all students. This will appear in the web shop and then students will
order their books online. Are you precise, good at keeping track of things and would you like to get in
touch with the teachers more? Then this important committee of ODIOM is really something for you!

Foreign Excursion Committee (BexCie) 8 people – The Foreign Excursion Committee organizes a study trip abroad for around 25 students. A destination is selected in consultation with the board. The
committee arranges the trip: transport, accommodation, various trips and study-related activities.
ODIOM has been to Prague, Krakow, Dublin, Valencia, Lisbon and Antwerp, among others. Are you
adventurous and does this committee seem like a challenge to you? Then the BexCie is for you!

Career Committee (CarrièreCie) ± 5 people – This committee organizes in-house days in the
workfield, guest lectures and career evenings for ODIOM. This way you help members to orient
themselves on our future field of work! As a member of this committee, you have a lot of contact
with study-related institutions and you can expand your network. A lot of networking, who would
not want that? So sign up for the CarrièreCie!

Congress Committee (CoCo) ± 6 people – Together with the study associations VIP (psychology) and
Societas (sociology), the Congress Committee is organizing a large faculty conference in May 2023.
This conference has a different theme every year and is interesting for all students of our faculty! Do
you want to get to know members of other study associations and organize a fantastic conference?
Then the CoCo might be something for you!

Dies Committee/Lustrum Committee (DiesCie/LustrumCie) ± 8 people – In May we celebrate the
twentieth anniversary of ODIOM. This year is therefore a lustrum year! The LustrumCie organizes all
kinds of activities to celebrate this, including a symposium full of interesting speakers and workshops.
This committee also organizes parties and, for example, a beer cantus. In other years, this committee
is called the DiesCie. The DiesCie organizes a symposium and a Dies party in the week of ODIOM’s
birthday! Do you want to organize the best birthday/lustrum of ODIOM and be busy with study-
related activities as well as throw a smashing party? Then go for the DiesCie/LustrumCie!

Excursion Committee (ExcurCie) ± 6 people – The Excursion Committee organizes three excursions to companies, organizations or institutions that are relevant to the career opportunities of students. An overnight excursion will also take place in October 2023, which will be a bit further away in the
country! The committee puts together a full-day program for students and alumni. Imagine, for
example, a visit to the gouvernment or a publishing house. The aim of the committee is to offer
members a different perspective on the professional field and to strengthen the study-related aspect
of ODIOM. So would you like to not only organize an interesting day, but also expand your network?
Then go for the ExcurCie!

Events Committee (EventCie) 8 people – This committee will organize a hitchhiking weekend and the
Batavierenrace. The hitchhiking weekend will take place in February and in recent years we have
been to Liège, Lille and Leuven, among others. In addition, ODIOM strives to participate in the
Batavierenrace, the largest running event in the Netherlands, every year. In collaboration with study
association GHD Ubbo Emmius (history), the Event Committee is responsible for the organization of
this event. So are you sporty, adventurous and looking forward to a new challenge? Apply for the

Party Committee (FeestCie) ± 8 people – The Party Committee ensures that the ODIOM drinks get a
theme. This committee therefore ensures that the pub is decorated in the theme. Do you like to go
to parties, but would you rather organize them yourself? Then you just have to take a spot in the

Gala Committee (GalaCie) 6 people – The GalaCie organizes a gala once a year around Christmas
together with Societas (sociology) and ASCI (information science). There are two ODIOM members
on this committee.

Gentlemen’s Committee (HeerenCie) ± 4 people – Attention all male members! There is the
Gentlemen's Committee especially for you, so that you have a platform to get in touch with the other men from the study and to do fun activities. This committee organizes three activities, one of which is for all members. Men, grab your chance to take a seat in this beautiful committee!

Introduction Committee (IntroCie) 10 to 12 first-year students – The IntroCie organizes the
introduction camp for first-year students. The committee has spent a whole year preparing for the
camp that will take place at the beginning of September. The IntroCie also organizes a first-years
activity in December and this committee organizes a drink and an activity during the Warming-Up
Period! Couldn’t get enough of the introduction camp? Organize it yourself next year!

Master Committee (MasterCie) ± 4 members – The MasterCie organizes two activities for Master’s
students. One of these consists of a formal and an informal part. The MasterCie also organizes speed
dating with alumni in collaboration with the Structure Alumni! This committee was set up to increase
the involvement of the Master’s students. Are you doing a master’s degree? Then take a seat on this

Media Committee (MediaCie) ± 6 members – The MediaCie writes articles on the ODIOM site
throughout the year. These articles will be formal and informal in nature. The MediaCie also
publishes podcasts and aftermovies, for example. So in this committee you can show your creativity!

Premaster Committee (SchakelCie) 2 to 4 people – The SchakelCie is the committee for the SPO
students of ODIOM. They organize activities for these students several times a year and also ensure
that ODIOM’s other activities are brought to the attention. Are you an SPO student and would you
like to ensure that SPO students get to know each other better? Then this commission is perfect for

Year representation – We are also looking for people for the: Year representation PW 1, 2 and 3, year
representation AOLB 1,2, 3 and 4 and year representation of the master tracks. As a member of the
year representation, you actually represent your year group. With your year representation, you are
the link between students and teachers. Because you introduce yourself at the beginning of each
block, both students and teachers know who is in the year representation and who they can address.
This is in case there are problems, but also when things are going well. Furthermore, you make
reports of each course, for which you ask fellow students for their feedback and speak with the
teachers. The reports are all saved and carried over to the next year, so that education can actually
be improved. Do you enjoy being actively involved in improving education? Then the year
representation is really something for you!
As a YR member you are an active member, you will also receive the same benefits as committee
members. The YRs consist of 2 to 6 people.

Structure Acquisition – The Structure Acquisition is a group of enthusiastic ODIOM people who
annually arrange a goodie for first year students and a coupon book for the introduction period! In
addition, this structure ensures nice discounts on the digital ODIOM discount card all year round.
Would you like to make connections with all sorts of companies and arrange great discounts for
fellow members? Then the Structure Acquisition is perfect for you!

Structure Alumni – Are you already graduated, but do you still want to stay involved with ODIOM and
stay in touch with students and fellow alumni? Then sign up for the Structure Alumni! You can join
the structure throughout the year and you are free to stop whenever you want. The Structure Alumni
organizes an annual activity for alumni. This year this is an alumni reunion in the lustrum week! The
structure also organizes annual speed dating with alumni, where students can learn more about what
kind of work alumni do. In short, the perfect way to be active at ODIOM next to your work!

Structure Inclusion – The Structure Inclusion works hard on inclusion within ODIOM in the areas of
LGBTIQ+, nationality and mobility. This structure advises the board and the committees on this. Do
you find inclusion and diversity important and interesting? Sign up for the Structure Inclusion!

We hope to welcome you as an active member soon!