Becoming an active member

Are you enthusiastic and do you want to do something besides your studies to work on your resume
and meet new people? Do you feel like committing yourself for a year to the best association in
Groningen: ODIOM? Then we are looking for you!

ODIOM has 17 different committees! The committees organize all kinds of fun things: getting to
know people at the introduction camp, running in the Batavierenrace, recording everything that
happens at ODIOM in The ODIOM Times, getting to know the workfield during an in-house day and
excursions, and enough fun during the themed drinks and activities! There is something great for
everyone! In addition, ODIOM has different structures and there is an annual representation for each
study year.

Being an active member is not only great fun, it is also extremely important to build up your resume
alongside your studies in this current time. A committee, annual representation and/or structure
looks very good on your resume! As an active member you can join the Active Members Weekend,
you get to know many other members, you receive a shirt from the association and you can
participate in the various active member activities.

Active membership doesn’t take that much time; it is easy to combine with study, sport and free

You will find an overview of all ODIOM’s committees below. More questions? Feel free to ask them
or send an email to!